About Artist: Mina Yegani

Born and raised in the northernmost region of Iran in a town called, Shomal. Mina Yegani was enamored with the art of painting for as long as she can remember. Inspired by her mother and mentor, who was a rising artist in her prime, Mina started painting at an early age with such passion and never cease to translates life via a paintbrush on empty canvas. Fast forward to today Mina Yegani, is an artist in her prime making a name for herself in California. Passion, dedication, and emotion are translated from her spirit to paintbrush to canvas. She cultivates her life experiences and combines ancient Persian history fused with contemporary modern culture. Mina Yegani tells a story of a thousand words in each pieces, offering an introspection to anyone who takes a moment to appreciate the inward journey of self exploration. Dream, Believe, Inspire.